Gatehouse Legal Recruitment have been supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities for the past five years. This year we will be cooking up a storm, donning our aprons again – dicing, slicing, stirring and simmering in support of this worthwhile cause. We might not be trained chef’s, but we’re really looking forward to serving up a (hopefully) nice home-cooked Italian meal to hungry families.

A Little Bit About RMHC

Founded back in 1974 in Philadelphia, USA, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) was established to support seriously ill children and their families. The charity offers welcome respite for the families of children in hospital, providing a sanctuary away from the busy ward.

RMHC understands how difficult it can be when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, and appreciate the tremendous strain put upon the whole family. The charity works tirelessly to ensure families stay together and remain close to the care they require. Today, RMHC has grown into a global concern and there are now 365 Ronald McDonald Houses spread across 43 countries and regions across the world.

RMHC Australia

The very first RMHC was launched in New South Wales in 1981, and now the charity boasts factions all over Australia:

18 Ronald McDonald Houses:

Hospitable homes providing essential support to the families of poorly children. Located with convenience in mind, these houses are situated right on the doorstep of the hospital.

18 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms:

Situated in women’s and children’s hospitals, family rooms are never far from the child. This allows family members to remain close and take the chance to freshen up, grab a little rest, get a bite to eat etc.

5 Family Retreats:

Perfect for families with a seriously ill child, or those sadly grieving, the retreats provide families with the opportunity to take some quality time out together.

National Learning Program:

Now offered in each state/ territory, the learning program helps over 1000 children each week and provides those who have been ill with the chance to catch-back on their education. The program helps out teachers too, ensuring they are able to offer the support needed.

RMHC Needs Your Support

RMHC have received lots of support over the years, including funds raised via a successful campaign in 2012 called “Building Love.” Gratefully received donations were put towards the development of a bigger and better house (which opened in 2018). Thanks to the generous contributions of time and money from valued donors, volunteers and staff members RMHC can now support up to approximately 40,000 families each year.

We need to applaud the hard work RMHC carries out, but applause alone won’t be enough to transform the lives of yet more deserving families. For that RMHC need everyone to put their hand in your pocket and make a donation. There are other ways to help too. You could fundraise by organising a quiz night or asking for donations in lieu of birthday gifts. Or how about becoming a volunteer? Here at Gatehouse Legal Recruitment we’re all in it together and we’ve opted for the “make a meal” option (we will be washing up afterwards too).

You could even adopt a room. You cover the costs, such as electricity, and the room gets a plaque with the name of your choice on. There’s also an opportunity to leave a gift to RMHC in your will, or to become a corporate partner (if your business can help the charity, they will help you in return).

With so many options there’s bound to be something to suit you. Please help!

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