It’s hard to believe social media had been around for the past forty years or so. Back in 1979 users were able to post to newsgroups via platform Usenet, providing the chance to comment and share views with others.

Fast forward four decades and we are living in a world where social media is a dominant force. Interactive technology allows us to easily communicate our thoughts and plans. We can provide opinions, debate with peers, find information and impart our insights. Social media can be used for pleasure and to further our careers, and that’s why we have to treat it with respect. 


Take Care What You Share!

Social media allows you to showcase who you are, it’s a chance to demonstrate your personal views and reveal your abilities. The content you create will be seen by a wide a varied audience, which is good news when you want to get your message across, but also means you need to be mindful about what you are posting. Your personal brand needs to be strong, compelling and attractive – make sure you’re proud of what you post! 

Furthering Your Career

Social media can boost your career, if you portray the “right” image of yourself. That said, we aren’t suggesting you try and become someone you’re not. There’s nothing wrong with painting a flattering picture of yourself, but making up qualifications or saying you have worked somewhere you haven’t will only lead to trouble! Keep it captivating – but do keep it real. 


How to Build a Strong Personal Brand 

It’s going to take a little effort, but crafting a personal brand on social media will be worth your time. Play your cards right and you could open the door on a fantastic career opportunity and make beneficial connections will all sorts of people. Here’s how to make your mark:


Have a Good Clear-Out 

Start by going through your social media accounts – it’s time to be ruthless! Delete accounts that you don’t regularly use (ask yourself how many you can confidently handle) and focus your efforts on those that are worthy of your attention.  

Edit Your Accounts 

Now you’ve identified the accounts you will use you can go through each and check the information included. Make sure everything is accurate and reads well. Don’t be afraid to delete old content – it’s time for an upgrade with flattering photographs and polished copy! 


Showcase your Strengths

What are you good at? Social media provides the chance to blow your own trumpet. Whether you’re a great photographer with an eye for detail, a visionary marketing expert, a number-cruncher with a head for figures or a dog-lover with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the canine species – show-off what you can do. Play to your strengths and build a personal brand based on your capabilities.


Monitor Your Content 

Keep a careful eye on your accounts – what type of content does your audience react well to? You are looking to build up a credible presence so a cohesive approach will work in your favour. Become known as an expert in your field and give your followers what they want! 

Explore Useful Apps

Simplify your approach by connecting your social media accounts via a useful App. You can say goodbye to logging in and out of a multitude of accounts. Instead, install a handy App and login just once, you can then coordinate your content and post on a variety of platforms at the same time. 

Build a Rapport with Followers

Share content regularly to keep your followers interested. That said, don’t share too much – people can become easily bored and irritated by pointless updates. 

As a general rule 3 to 4 posts should be enough to keep things fresh without turning off your audience. It’s also a good idea to keep up with others accounts, reposting great content and commenting on interesting points can help boost your profile. 

Network and Add Contacts

Add viable contacts from the off. Check your email or phone contact list as a starting point. Lots of social media platforms allow you import a number of contacts – make sure you do this to get things moving. Once you’re all set up get to know others by joining a group. There are plenty of opportunities to join with industry focused groups or get involved in a discussion on a particular subject. 

Don’t get too Controversial 

Social media provides a perfect sounding board – but don’t use it as an outlet for your deep-seated opinions or negativity on a particular topic. It’s fine to have an opinion, but not everyone will share it! Surrounding yourself with controversy might get you noticed, but not necessarily for all the right reasons! 

Ready to Embrace Social Media and Build Your Brand? 

Building a robust personal brand could change your career, and your life! Give yourself a new focus and you could find that motivation you’ve been lacking. Social media can help you to set goals, find new ideas and get valuable feedback. You can also widen your network, develop new skills and find out about amazing opportunities. Show off the best version of you and look forward to the positive results. 

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