The market for top legal talent is becoming more and more competitive for employers and maintaining a competitive edge over your competitors to attract talent means keeping up to date with what the best talent want.

We have found the most common things legal talent is seeking aside from salary are the following:

1. Career advancement

Most want to be able to see a future at the company they are joining, so ensure there is solid career path for them to advance.

2. Professional growth opportunities

They not only want to be good at what they do but they want to keep learning new things and developing their skills. 

3. An interesting role with diversity

The best talent are wanting challenging and interesting work where they can make a contribution to the company, the team and to the client.

4. A friendly working culture and environment

They want to work in a friendly working environment, which will motivate, inspire and support them.

5. Flexible working arrangements

They want the ability to work from home or out of the office at times as this gives them the ability to balance both career and aspects of their personal life.

6. Bonuses or incentives for high performance

The best talent want to be rewarded and recognised for their hard work, hitting their targets or introducing new clients to the firm.  Implementing a bonus or incentive scheme will assist with attracting top talent.

It is a combination of the above factors that will help your firm attract the best legal talent.

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