Article Written for Alifery Freelance Lawyers.

We all lost our collective minds when Uber hit the market. And then when Ubereats and Deliveroo exploded, the world became a much more convenient place. Now it seems every service is finding it’s way into the freelance and shareability world. (As they should!)

Long gone are the days for both freelancers and consumers, where flexibility was not an option and sitting behind a desk was the only way to work.

We no longer function in a typical 9am to 5pm economy, and therefore people need broader options of getting things done and getting access to experts fast.

We’ve all been in the position of having to call back, and then call again, and then send 5 x emails just to get a response. Then when we do get a response we often stop to think is this advice even correct, should I get a second opinion just in case.

It takes innovators in a variety of different fields to recognise the potential of those tiny computers we all hold in our hands. Through technology, Alifery Freelance Lawyers is now connecting peers to peers, and experts to businesses in a way that was previously thought impossible.

In 2018 it only takes minutes to order a private car service, order a meal from any restaurant, to find a handyman to fix any issue, and now expert lawyers for legal advice through Alifery Freelance Lawyers.

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