Networking is critical for your legal career.

Essentially, what we are finding these days is firms are very interested in practitioners who have been able to introduce new clients to the firm or have developed a little bit of a client following.

You need to invest time in networking to be able to do that and that involves doing things outside of hours and connecting with people. I always say you have 52 weeks in a year and if you met one person per week, you’ve met 52 new people that could potentially be new clients for you.

So, you have to invest that time and think long term. But also enjoy it, you’re meeting with new people and potentially making new friends. They may not become clients but they may actually just become good friends.

The key thing is to get out there, get out from behind that desk and meet new people and tell them what you do. That is what is going to lead to developing a network that could end up referring you work one day and that ability to generate work and receive those referrals from that network will be very valuable to you as you go through your legal career.

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