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Catching up with a Lawyer over coffee and she said to me one of her biggest concerns with continuing to practice as a Lawyer was how would she “manage it all” when she had children, because it would compromise her career in law and that practicing law would not allow both.

Whilst I understand how she was feeling (because I don’t have children and sometimes I have these thoughts myself) I explained to her that when she decided to have children there are many ways to not let it compromise her career and that more firms are working with their employees to make sure it does not have an impact.

We are living in a time where flexible working arrangements are becoming the norm and men are also choosing to step in and help out to allow their partners to pursue their goals.

I told her about some examples of highly successful women in law who have had children, taken career breaks, worked part time, worked on multiple businesses or have continued practicing law full time.

Some of these incredible women are Carmelina Quatela, Molina Asthana, Catherine Brooks, Nicole Wilson, Kate Dillon, Leanne Abela and so many more.

Things I have learnt from these women is that there is no right or wrong, you make things work for your family and not others, being hard on yourself does not help the situation and the concept of having it all needs to be thrown in the bin.

I wish more of these stories where spoken about more rather than the negative ones. Because it is only limiting if you believe it and there is always a way if you really want to achieve something.

Besides, I don’t think practicing in the legal profession is the issue, I think society has a lot to do with it and us wanting more than ever before.

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