You should also be networking with other lawyers, definitely.

The first reason is because other lawyers could actually end up referring work to you one day. I know a very successful family lawyer who invests a lot of time networking with other lawyers, and what happens is that when clients go to see them with family law matters they refer their clients to him and essentially he has built a very successful family law practice specialising in that space by letting other lawyers know what he does.

So there is the benefit there if your building your own practice or client base to let other lawyers know about you and your specialty because they could refer work to you.

The second reason why networking with other lawyers is important is because you might find that your at an event and there might be an in-house legal counsel or General Counsel of a company and you might strike up a conversation, and you might have a beer with that person, and that very person may end up being your interviewer one day, it does happen, where you might be put forward for an interview and it’s that small world situation where you’re told that the person you met at that event is actually interviewing you, and you know that that interview is going to go very well because you’ve already got that rapport with that person.

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