Your reputation will be influenced with how you exit, which may follow you throughout your career, so be sure to implement the below to leave on a good note.

Give sufficient notice

Honour the notice period in your employment contract when giving notice.  This will allow your employer to continue to service their clients until they hire a replacement to step in.  Clients will also appreciate the fact that you still care about their matter, which could be beneficial for you in the future.

It also shows your new employer that you are respectful.

Continue to meet your budgets and performance expectations.

It is important to keep focused and continue to service your clients.  Do everything you can to meet your budget and performance expectations, as slacking off at the very end can destroy the goodwill you have developed with your employer.

Create an easy transition

Ensure you tie up all loose ends and develop a plan to transition your matters, files and any other responsibilities. Create detailed file notes for each matter explaining the status of each file, and if appropriate spend time with the person who will be taking over to address any issues or questions they have.

Keep it positive

You will be remembered for your behaviour during your exit so it is important to keep it positive whilst serving out your notice period. Don’t start spreading negative energy and comments to colleagues and clients about your employer as you don’t know what the future may hold, you may want to return to your employer one day, or cross refer work, or you may come up against them in a matter.

People know people within the profession so keep your reputation intact.  

Be thankful

Finally, be thankful for the opportunity you were given and acknowledge the people that helped you, after all your current position has provided you with the tools and skills to step into your new position.

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