Defining your legal career path can be difficult.


Below are 3 simple tips that can make planning you career path easier.

1. Explore different options early in your career

Explore different options early in your career.  By trying different options you can then identify what is right for you. Search for what naturally connects with you and then focus on being the best at that.  You may find that you enjoy an area that you initially assumed you would not enjoy, but try to do it early as it may be more difficult to change career paths after working a long period of time in a position.

Remember to keep networking and speaking to others that can provide you with guidance for your journey ahead.

2. Continually conduct a self-assessment

Self-awareness is critical to helping you define your legal career path.  Treat every experience and every day of your working life as an opportunity of self-assessment and self-discovery of who you are and what you do and don’t like.   What you love doing someone else may hate and vise versa.

Create a private list of what you do and don’t like and keep adding to it. This will help you understand who you are and the elements you want in your chosen career path.

3. Identify your natural strengths

It is also essential to identify your natural strengths, which are unique to you.

Spend time exploring who you are as this will give you direction as to the choices you make.  There is nothing more powerful than aligning who you are with what you do.

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