Law Firms

The top tier are still seeking candidates from other top tier or national law firms with top university marks, however the boutique and mid tier law firms are open to considering candidates who have gained solid hands on experience and training from smaller law firm environments even though they may not have obtained top university marks.

In-house Legal Teams and Government Departments

We have found In-house legal teams and Government departments seem to be preferring candidates from brand name mid tier to top tier law firms as there is an assumption of solid legal training. 

However, some Government departments are more flexible as to where the candidate has worked and are more interested in the person and what they are seeking to achieve, as opposed to what firm they have come from.

Regional Law Firms

Regional firms are more flexible as they do find it difficult to attract the best legal talent, however they are still expecting a certain calibre of candidate.

However, no matter what law firm you may be at, if you are talented and committed, it will not take long for you to get noticed.

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