On 30 May 2019 Gatehouse Legal Recruitment & Alifery collected donations for our ‘Let no homeless person sleep cold this winter”‘ charity drive.

For some of us in the team we are early risers, and walking into work before light every morning and seeing homeless people sleeping in the cold always reminds us of how grateful and blessed we are to sleep in a warm bed every night, and so when Alexandra Toutzoglou suggested this initiative of “Let No Homeless Person Sleep Cold This Winter”, we were right behind it.

The team collected over 18 boxes of warm clothes which was donated to Wesley Uniting Crisis and Homelessness, a charity that provides a crisis response service for people who are homeless and are in need. Gatehouse Legal Recruitment & Alifery donated 40 pieces of brand new Kathmandu Jackets to women, men and children.

Big thanks to Lachlan & Shannon at Storage King Group Thomastown for generously donating boxes to our charity drive.

If you would still like to contribute please get in touch with Alex on 0428 098 356.


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